Vital Spark Massage Studio

604 NW 23rd Ave Suite 3
Portland, OR 97210

Massage Pricing

  • 60 Minutes $120
  • 90 Minutes $175
  • 120 Minutes $220

Newly-Added Sessions

  • Insurance Massage Pricing Varies

    I am in network with Regence, and all ASH (American Specialty Health) plans. Most major insurance companies like Cigna, Aetna, Providence, Anthem and more are partnered with ASH for alternative health benefits. I am not currently able to accept Moda or Kaiser (unless your Kaiser plan uses ASH). Massage therapy is also eligible for HSA reimbursement with a doctor's note.

    If you've been in an auto accident within the last year, you may have full coverage for bodywork.

    Please contact me with any questions or if you'd like to check your benefits. Pricing on this page under "Massage Pricing" reflects payment at time of service, and will vary for insurance billing.

  • Sensory Journey $40

    A 20-minute stand-alone service or an add on to any massage.

    Enjoy full body rocking, exfoliation, feather brushing and hot oil application, followed by long and slow massage strokes. The intention of this service is to bring you into your body, inviting presence and deep relaxation; either to prepare for the massage to follow, or as a short & sweet break from the rest of your day. I believe that massage is more effective when the body and mind are relaxed, so this offering will enhance your experience when booked prior to another service. This treatment is already included in 2 hour massages.

As with any service, gratuity is always appreciated, but never, ever expected!!

Pricing reflects time of service payment, or prior to service payment.  Listed prices double for late payment or insurance billing.  

Please contact me to discuss discounted rates for those seeking regular treatment.  


Massage Contraindications

Before receiving massage, you are required to provide relevant medical information and consent to treatment.  Some medical conditions contraindicate massage, and my general rule of thumb is: if you are not healthy enough to exercise rigorously, you are not healthy enough to be massaged.  Massage increases circulation, and moves fluids around in the body similar to the way exercising does.  I am not adequately trained to provide service to those with cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, cancer, and other systematic health concerns (ask about Reiki!).  I do provide prenatal massage, but encourage women to wait until the second trimester.

I will not massage anyone:

  • With a current communicable disease
  • With a contagious skin condition
  • Within one week of a car accident, regardless of how mild, unless prescribed by a doctor
  • Within one week of a surgery, regardless of how mild, unless prescribed by a doctor